Adventure Rafting

The Radical Rafting at the Cubatão do Sul river, offers excelent rapids and can be practiced by anyone older then 8 years old.

At a exuberant scenario between mountains covered by the atlantic forest, it’s possible to see many species of birds and sometimes even animals, like agoutis, otters, lizards, capybaras,and the common but not less elegant, cows! =)

This itinerary can be done according to your profile, with more, or less adrenaline. Experiment conductors are gonna make a custom ride for you.

Our duty is to bring you to live a adventure, coming back without scares neither damages. Thinking about that we develop a proposal “Enjoy first e Pay later.”

Minimum Group: 03 persons

Maximum Group: 40 persons (in case of bigger groups, the ride will be divided due the river capacity)

Minimum Age: 8 years old

Maximum Age: up to where your adventure spirit and joints allow.

Rapids Grading: Classes III and IV

Avarage Duration: 02 hours

Traveled distance: 5 or 7 km (you choose)

Hours to go: 9:30 // 13:30 // 16:00

What to bring: Appropriate clothes to wet (lycra, shorts, legging) Use of closed shoes is required, so bring a old sneaker or a sandal papeete. We have shoes anoraks and short vest upon request. Repellent, sunscreen and cap are welcome, but can’t be brought during rafting, as cameras or others electronics upon the risk of losing or break them.

Hapinnes and Fun. The incredible adventure of LIVING!

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